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Clothing Labels & Tags

  • "Nametapes" Sew in Clothing Labels

    10mm sew in woven clothing labels will not fade or scratch off in the wash or from continual use.

    From $22.50 for 24

  • "Nametapes" Iron on Clothing Labels

    10mm iron on clothing labels with extra strong adhesive, will not rub, wear or scratch off in the wash.

    From $24.50 for 24

  • "Nametapes" Prestige Sew in Clothing Labels

    14mm sew in woven clothing labels allow a larger font size, ensuring your name will always stand out. Delivered within 5-7 working days

    From $29.00 for 24

  • "Nametapes" Double Line Sew in Clothing Labels

    Double Line 14mm sew in woven clothing labels allow for any extra information woven on the label, on 2 lines of text.

    From $31.00 for 24

  • "Nametapes" Premier Sew in Clothing Labels

    14mm sew in woven clothing labels with a decorative border adds extra style to any garment. Delivered within 5-7 days!

    From $34.00 for 24

  • "Craft" Sew in Labels

    Craft 14mm woven sew-in labels are perfect for labelling hand made items & crafts. Labels can be customised to suit your business needs

    From $29.00 for 24

  • "Nametapes" Designer Iron on Clothing Labels

    14mm iron on woven clothing labels with cute, colourful designs, perfect for childcare & school. Delivered within 5-7 working days!

    From $25.00 for 24

Get durable woven tags and woven labels for clothes, perfect for a range of applications

Cash's colourfast woven sew in & iron on woven clothing labels for school, scouts and aged care are easy to apply, super durable, machine washable and will never fade. Available in either iron on or sew in labels and available in widths of 10mm & 14mm. Cash's custom woven clothing labels are perfect for personalising any of your garments.

Custom woven labels designed to last, delivered Australia-wide

Our woven sew in & iron on clothing labels will help you avoid those expensive replacement costs. The colourful school clothing label designs and decorative borders offer a more personalised option for your kids’ school labels. Our woven clothes labels are still made locally in Leongatha Victoria, the only label weaving plant still in operation in Australia! Therefore this is the best way to ensure your kids clothing always returns as well as further supporting local Australian manufacturing.

Browse our range above or follow the links on the left to view our value for money school label packs that contain school clothing labels, name tags and much, much more!