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Jocks, Socks and Frocks - What to label

As a first-time parent, I thought it would be helpful to share my insights on labelling in the hope that it helps simplify the process for other newbie parents.  Particularly for those who have never seen a sewing machine!

-         I only use iron on clothing labels for expensive items such as jackets and jumpers – Style type 8 or 10 are best for little people clothing – the label size is small but readable. 

-         If you are planning on handing down clothes to other siblings I recommend using the sew-in clothing labels so you can unstitch them later. Check out our previous blog on how to sew-in a clothing label

-         I do not label socks, jocks and frocks  –  most of my daughters ‘daycare’ clothes cost very little so I do not see the purpose in labelling these items

-         I use the 38mm round name labels for bottles, medication, nappy cream and shoes. I also use the round stickers for labelling hats instead of sewing or ironing on a clothing label.  The stickers work great and do not come off

-         The small and large rectangle name label stickers are good for labelling sippy cups and comforters – the size is great for sticking over a care label

-         I purchased two standard woven bag tags and found I only need one for my daughter’s bag. These bag tags are hardy and will never fade. You can also give them a wash if they get dirty.

-         Purchasing school name label packs instead of individual items will save you a lot of money

If you have any tips to share with us – please email and we will add to this blog post!

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