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Steps for Sewing on a Clothes Label

A simple step-by-step guide on how to sew-in a clothing label

Here's a handy step-by-step guide on how to sew-in clothing labels direct to garments.  The attached video provides a useful and practical guide on how to sew in a clothing label in just under 2.5 minutes.  This approach is perfect for busy mums and dads who want a simple and quick solution to labelling daycare items and expensive school garments.  All that is required is a needle and thread.

Some of the advantages of using sew-in labels include the ability to unstitch the label at a later stage, making it easier to sell school uniforms or hand down to siblings.  Additionally, our hardy sew-in clothing labels are made from durable woven material which means labels never fade or come off in the wash.  

Cash’s sew-in clothing labels are available in a range of sizes, font types and colours – perfect for labelling daycare and kinder items such as hats, socks and clothing as well as school uniforms, camping gear and aged care garments.  Our woven sew in labels are also great for craft projects and small businesses . With the ability to customise up to 30 characters, you can include a range of text such as your name, phone number or brand name.

Check out our video below and request a free sample pack -


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