Product Application

Product Application Instructions

Instructions - Woven Iron-on Clothing Labels

1. Ensure you are using an ironing board for maximum benefit.

2. Set your iron to HOT (Maximum heat) and DRY. Do not use a steam setting.

3. Remove a label from the bag and place it face up onto your item of clothing in the desired position.

4. Cover the label with a light piece of cloth or thin handkerchief

5. Slowly move the iron over the label for 30-45 seconds, ensuring the label remains covered at all times. Place extra pressure on each side of the label to ensure maximum adhesion to garment

6. Allow garment to cool prior to use. Please note: It is recommended that a test be conducted to ensure your iron settings are correct. Labels will adhere to most fabrics when properly applied.

Not recommended for commercial laundering.

Instructions - Woven Sew in Clothing Labels. 

Please refer to the video link below on how to sew in a clothing label


New - Printed Clothing Labels


Heat Transfer Clothing Label Instructions:

  1. Ensure you use an ironing board for maximum benefit
  2. Set your iron to medium setting (cotton) & dry. DO NOT USE A STEAM SETTING
  3. Place the label into the desired position on the garment with the transparent paper facing up. Do not remove the transparent paper at this stage.
  4. Placing a firm amount of pressure, move the iron over the label for 30 seconds’ minimum
  5. Remove the item of clothing from the ironing board or away from the hot surface
  6. Wait a minimum of 45 seconds (or once the label has cooled) and carefully remove the transparent paper starting from one corner
  7. If the edges aren’t fully bonded, please wait another 30 seconds until the label has adhered correctly to the garment
  8. All done!


Instructions - Printed Vinyl Label

1. Adhere to a clean, dry and smooth surface. Labels are microwave and dishwasher safe when adhered correctly. Adhesion problems may be encountered if applied to a greasy or uneven surface.

Instructions - Printed Shoe Labels

1. Place the printed shoe label into the internal heel area of the shoe and apply an even pressure to ensure full adhesion.

2. Apply the clear protective label over the top to eliminate problems associated with friction and perspiration.

Woven Standard Labels Size Indicator

Our 10mm woven standard sew-in and iron-on labels come in 6 different styled fonts. Style 5 and Style 7 are considered large and only recommended if your name does not exceed 12 characters.

The remaining styles are suitable for up to 30 characters of text.

Pet Collar Size Indicator

Our woven personalised pet collars come in 4 convenient sizes.

Xsmall - 1cm height x 15-25cm expandable length. Suitable for puppies, small chihuahua, chinese crested small maltese, small yorkshire terrier, whippet

Small - 1.5cm height x 23-36cm expandable length. Suitable for chihuahua, dachshund mini, fox terrier small, small jack russell, papillon, small pomperanian, toy poodle,

shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, maltese, small cairn terrier, king charles cavalier

Medium - 2cm height x 36-48cm expandable length. Suitable for beagle, bichon frise, bulldog french, bull terrier, cairn terrier, cocker spaniel, capoodle, spoodle, corgi,

large jack russell, large fox terrier, lhasa apso, pit bull, pug, poodle standard, schnauzer mini, large fox terrier, scottish terrier, staffy

Large - 2.5cm height x 48-56cm expandable length. Suitable for akita, alaskan malamute, australian shepherd, basset hound, border collie, bulldog american/english,

chow chow, collie, dalmation, dachshund standard, doberman, english setter, german shepherd, german shorthaired, golden retriever, great dane, labrador, schnauzer standard,

shar pei, siberian husky, weimaraner